In designing a company logo we value your input and would need your assistance with the VISUAL IDENTITY SPECIFICATIONS:

1. What colors, if any, or two colors must the logo be?

2. How would the logo be used (T-shirts - banners - badges - stationery etc.)

3. What if any are the specific dimension requirements?

4. What is your entity's name?

5. What is your entity's byline, slogan, quote and/or verse?

6. What, if any, specific imagery or symbols do you want to include in the logo?

7. What deadlines or constraints does the project need to meet?

8. What, if any, software needs to use the image?

9. Who is the one and only contact person for the logo project?

10. List contact information for support contacts (e.g. Printer)

11. Articulate your organization's idea or purpose
In one concise sentence:

In three individual words:

Number the three words, with #1 being the most important: