Domain Registration :

The first important decision you need to make is your domain name - which is your Web Site address. Registering your own domain has numurous advantages. Registering of a company domain ensures that the company's E-Mail addresses are permanent.

Risking your business using a free E-Mail account can be catastrophic.
Should the company providing your business with an E-Mail address close down or change their code of conduct you are left without your main communication point. You have already advertised your E-Mail address and have been conducting business through it, you stand to loose all your advertising reach and more, by changing or loosing that E-Mail address the complication is something your business can be without.

Why not secure your mailbox and ensure that it stays a constant by registering your own domain name today, With your own domain name in place you can move from one ISP to the next without any implications to your contact E-Mail account, no more reprints of company stationery, no more free advertising for the company supplying the free E-Mail address, start E-Mailing your clients with your own E-Mail address, thereby also increasing the awareness of your website, and strengthening your brand. compared to - the first tells you it is a mailbox at a company, where the next one, only demonstrates that you are trying to be a company piggybacking on someone elses Web Site. - decide for yourself which one imposes more trust.

Register a domain name that is:

Short & Catchy
Making it easier to remember
Rhythm and meter can make a domain name more memorable.
Related to core of the business
The best domain name will be the one you can guess, should your business name is too clumsy, look for something that relates to your business, your name must be a reflection of what your business has to offer.
Hard to misspell
  Some names are tough to spell if you’ve only heard it orally.

Buy alternate Domain names – secure the .net, .org and common misspelling of your company name domain, the investment in multiple domain names is small compared to the potential marketing value to your company. Consider obtaining all the possible combinations now before they are taken.

Domain Extentions Available:

Local Domain Registrations: . are the most common domain name in South Africa and clarifies that the business in based in South Africa. The same principal apply for for the UK - please enquire should your buiness require a * country specific local domain registration outside the RSA.

International Domain Registrations:
All .com's/.net's/.org's/.tv's/*.aero's/.shop's/.name's/.biz's are available for registration

* Conditions Apply