Specifications Price Breakdown
  • Same features as the Standard account, PLUS ...
  • 200 MB web space
  • Execution of Custom CGI scripts
  • Support for Perl
  • Support for C++
  • Support for SSI
  • Support for SSL (add-on)
  • Up to 3 independent databases

The Proffessional account provides increased disk space and support for a sophisticated development environment under Linux. Perl, custom CGI, C++, SSI and up to 3 independent databases will ensure that your web site has all the bells and whistles on a stable Apache web server. Once again, the Proffessional Account offers exceptional value for money!

The dynamic connection of your web site to a MySQL database can be achieved with PHP4 or PERL. Your database can be controlled from your Windows System with an ODBC driver. Your web site can be administered via shell access under Linux, facilitating the safe and efficient conclusion of a Webmaster's varied tasks.

The flexibility of the development possibilities with the Proffessional Account are regulated by our System Policies to ensure that performance is not compromised for shared users on our system (in short, no "chat" systems, no CGI for remote sites, resource limits are generous but 'contained').

If you require more web space or support for GCC, GD, consider getting a Super-Pro account for only a fraction more per month

Price Matrix

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