Web Site Creation

Decide on your needs:

  • What is your target market and are they available on the net?
    If you are targeting a relatively wealthy audience who are likely to have a phone and computer - fine. If you are proposing to sell a low cost item to the underprivileged - don't bother, they'll never hear about your product.
    Considering the following issues for a greater understanding to determine of your potential market.

  • Who are your primary customers, or more specifically what type of customer is likely to access your Web Page?
    Dynamic, fun loving, young, old, is he a tourist, a small business owner or tradesman? Is he city based, it is important to draw up a customer profile, to determine whether or not he or she is on the internet.

  • What is the objective of your Web Site?
    Information gathering, customer awareness, on-line ordering ect.

  • What marketing material is currently availbale for inclusion on the Web Site?
    Company information, product specifications, prices, special offers, branch contact lists ect.

  • What is the budget for this kind of advertising?
    The quality and sophistication of the Web Page and associated elements, as well as the answers to the questions above are all influenced by the budget availbale for this type of project.

  • Are you marketing product or presence?
    Not all product lines can be sold over the Internet. Examples that sell well are items that do not have a high tactile or sensual component. Books do well, perfumes do not. Airline tickets - yes, original art - no. However bear in mind that even though people may not buy an original work of art over the net, they may buy a print and they may find out where to view and perhaps buy the original. Additionally a web-site may be the only way for an overseas agent to find out about your perfume.

  • Is your presence on the Internet going to impact positively on your image?
    Fine you have a great site up and running. Are you going to be perceived as overreaching? As overspending? As loosing touch with your customers basic requirements? Unlikely but it may happen.

  • If you decide you need a presence what form should it take?
    Having a simple site online will always bring a benefit.  It is an advert with a potential audience of 50 million people internationally. A simple, clean page with companies mission statement, product list and contact details may pay for itself many times over once it starts getting regular visits. It may bring in that critical order putting you on the map that otherwise may never happen.

  • What sould you avoid having on your site?
    Don't publish information that your competitors may use against you. It is a sad fact that among the first visitors to your site will be your competitors. Require a personal contact before handing out sensitive data on costs and specifications.
    Don't swamp your poor viewer with every document pertaining to your company that you find lying around the office, or hard drive. Divide your content into internal and external exposure. Put the former on your intranet and publish only succinct, condensed versions of the latter. Browsing the net costs money. Don't annoy your potential clients with verbiage, large graphics and pictures of the boss. And don't present an amateur image by putting up an unprofessional site

  • What size does my website have to be?
    Web sites size differ according to the size of your business and the number of products you are marketing.

Once you have defined your Goals and Objectives, we can proceed to the next steps.