• dailup
    It is recommended that you have access to an Internet capable computer and have an Internet access account
    that allows you to surf the net.
  • domain registration
    As soon as possible register your business website name (domain name).

  • web hosting
    Setup the website Host account. (This is an account with a company, which provides computer space and traffic support when someone accesses your website.)
  • web design
    Compile your marketing material.
    You need someone to guide your through the maze of terms and concepts needed to set up the initial site. Lets be honest you need someone to design a website for you - do not even think of doing it yourself.
  • web marketing
    Now your are up and running and open for business, you wait eager, but only an occasional trickle comes your way. Web site owners seem to be under the mistaken belief that once they have their web site up and running they are set - who needs to worry about advertising, customers are sure to stumble across you at some stage, this might work if your web site is your hobby and you aren't interested in making money, but you definitely wouldn't be acting this way if you have a actual store, so why think it will would work on the Net. You need to market - and you need to learn to adapt your marketing to the web, with its banner advertising, links on sites and search engines.