What is 'Web Hosting'?
All WebSites need to be available to the internet 24/7, your WebSites consisting out of the text, images and multimedia files, needs to be stored on a high speed computer connected to the internet and maintained to ensure a 99% uptime in order to be surfed. Able Apple offers the full hosting services to choose from.  We offer International Hosting at no extra cost from the Local Packages and support is free. Depending on the functionality and size of your Web Sites we have tailormade packages to choose from.


The Basic Account opens doors to those needing a small web presence together with E-Mail capabilities, ideal for the individual whose site measures very little in size and who wishes to receive E-Mail to his domain. 1 MB is adequate space for a elemantary Web Site in which the web pages can be presented in a combination of text and minimal graphics.

The Standard Account is an excellent platform upon which to host a small to medium Web Site. The Standard Account is ideal for the individual / company for whom the the development of a comprehensive site is a long-term project; but immediate representation on the web is desired.
The Standard account expands on the Basic account by offering additional web space and mailboxes.

The Advanced Account is ideal to host a set of flexible, 'basic' web pages. 50 MB is more than adequate space for a medium to large sized Web Site. The web pages can be presented in a combination of text, graphics, online feedback forms and counters.
Password protected directories can be generated with ease using the online Control Panel. The statistical report provides information on trends at any time and our convenient online mail administration system allows you to create up to 25 POP mailboxes for your colleagues. During business travels, simply use your online web mailbox from a laptop, internet cafe or remote office to stay in touch.
The Advanced account simply offers top value for money!

Our Master account expands on the Advanced account by offering the popular FrontPage 2000 Extensions
However, the greatest advantage in this price category is undoubtedly the ability to excute custom PHP scripts, employ a powerful MySQL database and the flexibility to work with Telnet. These features offer greater flexibility in maintaining and building a dynamic Web Site.

The Proffesional account provides increased disk space and support for a sophisticated development environment under Linux. Perl, custom CGI, C++, SSI and up to 3 independent databases will ensure that your Web Site has all the bells and whistles on a stable Apache web server. Once again, the Proffessional Account offers exceptional value for money!

The dynamic connection of your web site to a MySQL database can be achieved with PHP4 or PERL. Your database can be controlled from your Windows System with an ODBC driver. Your Web Site can be administered via shell access under Linux, facilitating the safe and efficient conclusion of a Webmaster's varied tasks. The flexibility of the development possibilities with the Proffeesional Account are regulated by our System Policies to ensure that performance is not compromised for shared users on our system (in short, no "chat" systems, no CGI for remote sites, resource limits are generous but 'contained').

The Super-Pro account is an excellent offer for the professional web presentation of your Company. With 400 MB web space and access to CGI, PERL, C, C++ and MySQL, highly sophisticated and integrated Web Sites can be developed.

Should you require even more than the SuperPro we over Server Co-Location.

From server colocation, semi-managed to fully managed servers, Able Apple offers a comprehensive service suitable for high-transaction, bandwidth intensive web sites and dedicated purposes.