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Here are 10 ways to ensure word gets out and your hit rate climbs:

Meta tags are essential. These are words buried in the code of your page that the better search engines use to categorise your submission. They also determine where your site appears in any list sorted according to relevancy - which nowadays is most of them.
Register with the main serarch engines. There are two basic kinds - Deep search engines that use robots to automatically catalogue sites and submission engines, that rely on individuals to register sites with them. It is an arduous task but it must be done.
Use web-promotion services to submit your URL to the hundreds of other sites that are out there. There is no way you can do this manually as there are over a 1000 general interest directories.
Post to newsgroups. We do not recommend spamming but a brief and memeorable message to relevant newsgroups can pay dividends.
URL in you signature file. Amazing how often this trick is overlooked. Anyone receiving mail directly or forwarded can visit your site by clicking the the address
Swap links. There are may link-exchange shemes which you can register with - don't overdo it and don't do it at all for a professional site, it looks amateur, rather swop links with other sites in the same sphere.
Advertise. You may have to do this to really crank up your hit rate. Remember there are approximately 10 pages online for every man, woman and child alive today. Some sites are more effective than others - spend with care.
Promote through other media. If your site has a high relevancy and interest to readers of newspapers and magazines use this fact by formulating and submitting a press release
Add your address to all your stationary

There are many more tricks to getting listed at the top of search engine lists, many of them very simple and very effective. Some of them can be found on the Internet. Practice your searching and find them. Or let us promote your site. You will be amazed an intense promotion campaign has on your sales.

Our Submission Packages are designed to provide low cost but effective exposure to high quality, high traffic search engines that will see increased numbers of visitors viewing your website. Click Here to find out what package will suite your needs.

The National package is designed for companies only needing exposure in Southern Africa, and not wishing to outlay large amounts at this stage.
National + harnesses the volume generated on Mweb's default search engine- 250,000 subscribers use it in South Africa, and it can be very cost effective for the locally focussed website
Global will provide a comprehensive foreign exposure, and will also be useful in a local context as there are search engine users in Southern Africa who will make use of Google, Aol etc.It aims to deliver exceptional value for money.
Pay per click & Adwords gets you a guaranteed placement on the top search engines- We ascertain how much it will cost,based on your chosen keywords,and you decide how much you want to pay per month ; how long your budget lasts is then dependant on how many click throughs you get.

In addition to this we can also optimise and submit to the major local search engines in specific countries and regions- please send us your requirement and we will research and recommend individually, based on the specific criteria.

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